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State Controller Publishes 2017 Salary Data for K-12 Education Staff

December 15, 2018

On December 4, California State Controller Betty T. Yee updated her Government Compensation in California website to include 2017 self-reported data for K-12 education employers, including public school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education - a total of nearly 413,000 positions and almost $16.28 billion in wages.

While cities, counties, and special districts are required to report salary and benefits data to the State Controller, K-12 education employers are voluntary reporters. The State Controller’s Office requested data from 1,931 K-12 education employers and 527 filed reports. Of those reports, 440 were complete. More than three-quarters of K-12 education employers did not file the requested reports or they provided incomplete information.

Source: California Controller’s Office

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