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Governor Signs EpiPen Bill, Blasts “Unconscionable Price Increases” and “Rapacious Corporate Behavior”

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on September 16 to allow California businesses and public agencies to have on hand medicine designed to combat severe, emergency allergic reactions. But in signing the bill, he offered a stinging critique of a drug company’s recent dramatic price hikes for the medicine.

"State government cannot stop unconscionable price increases, but it can shed light on such rapacious corporate behavior," Brown wrote in a signing message for the bill, AB 1386...

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Poll Finds Prop. 51 Drawing 47% Yes and 43% No, While Prop. 55 Drawing 54% Yes and 38% No

Two education-related ballot propositions that will go before California voters in the November 8 election appear to have more supporters than opponents – but one proposition has a substantially larger lead than the other.

That was finding of a recent survey of “likely voters” by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), the results of which were announced on September 21.

The survey asked about two education-related initiatives on the November ballot...

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New LAO Report: Improving Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in California

Most Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) Experience Language Delays.
California currently serves about 14,000 DHH students a year. Because DHH students cannot respond to spoken language as easily as their hearing peers, they often lag behind in developing important language, social, and cognitive skills. These developmental delays lead to academic challenges, with DHH students as a group performing far behind other student groups on statewide assessments of reading/writing and math...

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Judge Rules against Lawsuit to Make Standardized Test Scores a Key Part of Teacher Evaluations

The Los Angeles Times reports that a judge has ruled against another lawsuit brought by the Silicon Valley-based advocacy group Students Matter, which backed the recent Vergara v. California lawsuit. An article by education reporter Howard Blume, published on September 22, said:

A judge in Northern California dealt a blow this week to a controversial campaign to make teachers more accountable for their students’ level of achievement, the second key setback in recent months for those behind the effort...

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U.S. Department of Education Awards $22 Million to Support Educators of English Learner Students

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition announced on September 22 the awarding of $22 million in grants under the National Professional Development Program to support educators of English learner students.

The grant program provides grants to eligible institutions of higher education, in collaboration with states or districts, to implement professional development activities that will improve instruction for English learners. Professional development may include preservice or in-service activities...

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Responsible Use of Digital Student Data is the Focus of New Stanford Website

As today’s students click, swipe and tap through their daily lives – both in the classroom and outside of it – they’re creating a digital footprint of how they think, learn and behave that boggles the mind.

“We’re standing under a waterfall, feasting on information that’s never existed before,” said Mitchell Stevens, a sociologist and associate professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE). “All of this data has the power to redefine higher education.”

To Stevens and others, this massive data is full of promise – but also peril...

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