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Governor Signs Budget Reserve Cap Bill, Giving School Districts More Room to Maneuver

After three years of advocacy by California education groups, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a Senate bill that alleviates restrictions on school district savings in California. Senate Bill 751 allows districts room to maneuver financially during times of fiscal uncertainty and reduces the chance of staff layoffs and programmatic cuts should the reserve cap be triggered.

“SB 751 provides important relief for every school district in California,” said California School Boards Association (CSBA) CEO & Executive Director Vernon M. Billy on October 11...

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Torlakson Assures Schools Closed by Hazardous Air Quality that Funding Will Continue

State law allows schools to apply to receive state Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding, the main source of school funding, if they have to close because of a natural disaster such as floods, fires, or earthquakes.

On October 12, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced that schools closed because of dangerous air quality can also apply to receive state Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding, and that they will be assisted by administrators from the California Department of Education (CDE)...

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End the High-Stakes Testing Sham

Fall is here, and kids are back in school. If you are a parent, you know what this means: testing, testing and more testing. Not just end-of-the-year tests used for accountability, but tests all year long to "prepare" for them. And time spent taking tests is just the tip of the iceberg: In many schools, preparation for these tests eats up far more time than testing does. In fact, in some schools, test prep is the curriculum.

This has been the way American schools have been run for years. We’ve been promised that this boring and stressful regimen will improve schools...

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ACLU Applauds Coachella School Board Sanctuary Policy

By a unanimous vote in late September, the Coachella Valley School Board adopted a policy to protect immigrant students and their families, as urged by the ACLU of California and Building Healthy Communities of Coachella Valley.

Coachella Valley was the first district to adopt the ACLU of California’s Sanctuary Schools Campaign model policy in its entirety, though the Riverside and LA Unified School Districts have adopted policies based on the model.

“This policy provides clear steps our schools can take,” said Linnea Nelson...

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New Report Provides Path Forward to Increase Teacher Diversity and Selectivity

A new report from the Center for American Progress finds that raising the competitive bar for entry into the modern teaching workforce does not need to come at the cost of simultaneously continuing to promote diversity in the teacher profession. CAP’s report identifies unique challenges and solutions to accomplish both goals, given the existing underrepresentation of people of color in the teacher pipeline and the rapidly increasing diversity of the student populations. The analysis also provides empirical evidence...

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School and County Boards Encouraged to Submit Requests for Free Water Supply Lead Sampling

The State Water Resources Control Board and the California Department of Education are partnering on a new program that provides schools with free testing of their on-campus drinking water. The initiative comes as lead-contaminated water receives increasing attention as a serious public health concern and as the Legislature considers bills that would make lead testing mandatory for all California schools. Additionally, $9.5 million in grant funding is currently available for lead mediation projects...

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