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After 45-year Effort, Students Have Credentialed Teachers Trained in Dance and Theatre

California students, living in the arts and entertainment capital of the country, will now be provided education by credentialed Theatre and Dance educators. The Theatre and Dance Act (TADA!), authored by Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) and supported by a coalition of advocates led by the California Alliance for Arts Education, was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown today.

“Up until now, dance teachers had to get a PE credential to teach dance in California,” says Jessy Kronenberg, Co-President of California Dance Education Association...

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Poll Finds Prop. 51 Drawing 47% Yes and 43% No, While Prop. 55 Drawing 54% Yes and 38% No

Two education-related ballot propositions that will go before California voters in the November 8 election appear to have more supporters than opponents – but one proposition has a substantially larger lead than the other.

That was finding of a recent survey of “likely voters” by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), the results of which were announced on September 21.

The survey asked about two education-related initiatives on the November ballot...

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Time for a Closer Look at Apprenticeships in American High Schools

In a welcome bit of good news, America's high school graduation rate has steadily increased, hitting a record high of 82 percent in 2014. Given the grim employment and earnings prospects for high school dropouts, getting more students to the finish line is truly cause for celebration.

The good news continues if we look at what those graduates are doing right after they leave high school: about 70 percent are enrolling in college the following fall. But this is where the story starts to change...

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Bias-based Bullying Remains Significant Problem in U.S. Secondary Schools

Biased remarks, bullying and harassment remain a significant problem in U.S. middle and high schools, according to a report released on September 28 by GLSEN, the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for all students. Almost three-quarters (74 %) of middle and high school students experienced some type of peer victimization in the past school year, and over half (51 percent) of teachers believe that bullying is a significant problem at school.

The report includes data from a national sample of 1,367 U.S. middle and high school students and 1,015 teachers...

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Bill to Expand Affordable Housing for Teachers Signed by Governor

A measure authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and sponsored by the City of San Francisco to expand affordable housing options for teachers was signed by Governor Brown on September 27. SB 1413 will help California retain quality educators by allowing school districts to establish housing for teachers and employees on district-owned property.

"When high quality teachers can’t afford to live where they work, the entire community suffers,” said Senator Leno. “Governor Brown’s approval of SB 1413 will help districts directly address the housing affordability...

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Responsible Use of Digital Student Data is the Focus of New Stanford Website

As today’s students click, swipe and tap through their daily lives – both in the classroom and outside of it – they’re creating a digital footprint of how they think, learn and behave that boggles the mind.

“We’re standing under a waterfall, feasting on information that’s never existed before,” said Mitchell Stevens, a sociologist and associate professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE). “All of this data has the power to redefine higher education.”

To Stevens and others, this massive data is full of promise – but also peril...

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