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ACLU, Cal. Charter Schools Association Tangle Anew Over Admissions Policies

The American Civil Liberties Association of Southern California (together with the group Public Advocates, Inc.) and the Charter Schools Association of California traded strongly worded statements during the last week of April, following the ACLU’s release of a statement criticizing the admissions policies of some California charter schools.

On April 25, the ACLU released a statement:...

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Stakeholders Quick to Respond to May Budget Revision

Education groups, business groups and other stakeholder offered varying assessments of the Governor’s May Budget Revision, announced on May 11.

The Association of Cal. School Administrators said:
“The governor continues to note the state’s economy is three years past the traditional recovery period following an economic recession and warns of the uncertainty created by the potential repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act. Gov. Brown also notes that the state continues to face ongoing liabilities...

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Guide Allows Educators to ‘Look Inside’ Top Programs on Social and Emotional Learning

As interest in social and emotional learning (SEL) continues to grow, a new guide to 25 evidence-based programs offers detailed information about curricular content and programmatic features that practitioners can use to make informed choices about what to use to develop key skills and competencies such as self-control, attention and goal-setting; empathy; relationship building and conflict resolution; flexible mindsets; and character...

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Torlakson Opposes Potential Federal Medicaid Cuts for School-based Health Services

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said on May 11 that he sent two U.S. Senators a letter announcing his opposition to changes proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives in the American Health Care Act that could endanger funding for school-based health services.

The bill includes a per-state cap on spending for Medicaid, the federal program that funds health care for low-income people and families, and is referred to as Medi-Cal in California...

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How Teachers Lose Connections When They Move to a New Grade or Leadership Position

When teachers move to a new grade or lose a leadership position, the change can sever important work relationships, suggests new research from Northwestern University.

Moreover, teachers generally don’t reconnect with each other, resulting in a ripple effect through the school, according to the study “Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Exploring the Dissolution of Teachers’ and School Leaders’ Work-Related Ties,” published in the journal Educational Administration Quarterly...

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New Agriculture Secretary Says He’ll Roll Back Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunches Initiative

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said on May 1 that he would roll back part of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative: stricter nutritional standards for school lunches.

Perdue, who became head of the agency last week, announced he would be relaxing guidelines and providing greater flexibility in nutrition requirements for schools’ meal programs.

“This announcement is the result of years of feedback from students, schools and food service experts...

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