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Senate Approves Resolution Overturning Rule Regulating Teacher Preparation Programs

U.S. Senators Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) issued the following statement on March 9 after the Senate passed H.J. Res. 58, a resolution to overturn the Obama Administration Department of Education’s rule regulating teacher preparation programs.

"This is a win for kids because Washington’s good intentions can’t excuse garbage rules,” said Sasse. “Every single member of the Senate wants good teachers for our kids, but that’s not what the rule was about. Nearly 700 pages were written..

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LAO Looks at the 2017-18 State Budget: Analysis of Special Ed “Disconnect”

Some Groups Claim Special Education “Deficit.” For the past few years, some groups, including the California Department of Education (CDE), have expressed concerns about a deficit in state special education funding. This complaint relates to a somewhat complicated issue dating back to 2013-14, a year in which the state special ed budget appropriation and associated trailer legislation were disconnected. Below, we provide background on the issue and offer two options for rectifying the disconnect...

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Ready or Not? Stanford Researchers Weigh in on Kindergarten Preparedness

It’s that time of year for families of preschoolers: kindergarten enrollment. This milestone can be fraught with uncertainty for parents who question whether their child is prepared—socially, academically or otherwise.

What does being ready for kindergarten look like? Researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) have investigated this issue from all angles, offering strategies for parents and teachers to help make the transition a smooth one...

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Torlakson Asks Feds to Clarify Policy on Immigration Actions Near Schools

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, as part of his efforts to ensure parents and students feel safe at schools regardless of their immigration status, asked federal law enforcement authorities on March 9 to explain if they are changing a policy that had avoided immigration actions near schools.

Torlakson wrote a letter to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and requested information if the agency is still following the “Sensitive Locations” guidance...

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New Study Finds That A Year Later, California Teacher Shortages Are Worse

A just-released follow-up to a January 2016 report on teacher shortages in California shows that shortages have worsened in the past year, with especially severe shortages continuing in special education, math, and science.

The report, Addressing California’s Growing Teacher Shortage: 2017 Update, was released by the Learning Policy Institute on Feb 8. The update compares data from 2015-16 with earlier data, finding that while roughly the same number of teachers are entering the profession each year...

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Parents Spending More Than Nine Hours a Day with Screen Media – and Worry When Children Do the Same

A first-of-its-kind study released on December 6 by Common Sense shows that parents spend more than nine hours (9:22) a day with screen media, the vast majority of that time being spent with personal media (7:43) and only slightly more than 90 minutes devoted to work media. The vast majority of these parents (78%) believe they are good media use role models for their kids. Meanwhile, many parents are concerned about their children’s media use, including thinking that their children may become addicted...

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