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Poll Finds Broad Support for Vaccine Requirement, Less Support for Extending Proposition 30

June 11, 2015

A recent poll conducted on behalf of the Public Policy Institute of California, roughly half of adults surveyed indicated that they support extending Proposition 30, the 2012 ballot measure that authorized temporary taxes to fund schools.

The PPIC’s poll, released on June 3, surveyed the opinions of California voters on a variety of topics, ranging from California’s drought to the Governor’s May Budget Revision. On the topic of taxation, the PPIC’s press statement regarding the poll said:

Vaccinations for School Children

The legislature is debating a bill that would eliminate personal-belief and religious exemptions to the requirement that parents vaccinate their children before enrolling them in kindergarten. Asked how they feel about requiring children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, two-thirds of Californians (67%) and public school parents (65%) say children should not be allowed to attend unless they are vaccinated. Majorities of adults across all regions and demographic groups say children should be required to be vaccinated. Overwhelming majorities also say that, in general, vaccines given to children are very safe (57% adults, 54% public school parents) or somewhat safe (30% adults, 34% public school parents). This view holds across racial/ethnic groups, though Latinos (49%) are much less likely than whites (65%) to view vaccines as very safe.

Proposition 30, Proposition 13, and Other Taxes

With a number of tax proposals under discussion in Sacramento, how do Californians feel about the tax system? Half of adults (49%) and 54 percent of likely voters say major changes are needed to the state and local tax system. About a third (32% adults, 31% likely voters) say minor changes are needed. Across income groups, those in the middle – with household incomes from $40,000 to less than $80,000 – are most likely to say that major changes are needed. The survey also asked about specific tax changes being discussed:

  1. Extending Proposition 30. About half of adults (49%) and 46 percent of likely voters favor extending the temporary tax increases on sales and the incomes of high earners to fund schools and guarantee public safety realignment funding. When those who favor extending Proposition 30 are asked if they favor making the increases permanent, support declines significantly (33% adults, 30% likely voters).
  2. Changing Proposition 13. The survey asked about a "split roll” tax on property – taxing commercial properties according to their market value while leaving limits on residential property taxes intact. Half of adults and likely voters (50% for each) favor this idea.
  3. Increasing cigarette taxes. Most (70% adults, 67% likely voters) support raising state taxes on cigarettes. Strong majorities across political parties, age groups, and income groups are in favor.
  4. Taxing the extraction of oil and natural gas. Californians are divided (44% favor, 50% oppose) over whether to institute this tax, as are likely voters (47% favor, 48% oppose).
  5. Extending the sales tax to services. Californians are also split (42% favor, 46% oppose) over extending the state sales tax to services not currently taxed while lowering the overall tax rate. Among likely voters, 41 percent favor this idea, while 49 percent are opposed.

To read the complete PPIC statement discussing the poll results, click on the link below:

Sources:  Public Policy Institute of California