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ACSA Tracking Progress of Newly Introduced Education-Related Bills in Sacramento

April 9, 2015

The time period for introducing bills to the Legislature is over, and the real work begins for the Legislative Policy Committee and the Governmental Relations team (GR) at the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). Hundreds of bills that impact K-12 education are being sifted through by the committee, which determines the positions GR will work on in the halls of the Capitol.

One bill certain to get ACSA’s attention is Assembly Bill 215, Alejo, D-Watsonville. This bill would place greater restrictions on the amount school districts can pay to buy out a superintendent’s contract. The state already caps the severance deals at 18 months max of the superintendent’s salary, but AB 215 wants to reduce the cap to 12 months.

There are two bills ACSA will strongly be supporting – one in the Senate, one in the Assembly. Both bills have the same purpose: to repeal the onerous budget reserve cap pushed through in the Governor’s Rainy Day ballot measure approved last November. Assembly Bill 1384, Baker, R-Dublin, and Senate Bill 774, Fuller, R-Bakersfield, would both repeal this provision to the Education Code.

ACSA is additionally lending support to a bill sponsored by the California Teachers Association that concerns 403(b) products. AB 996, Medina, D-Riverside, would require all local K-12 and community college governing boards to create locally adopted board policies concerning 403(b) vendors on campus.

The bill also requires the California State Teachers Retirement System’s “403(b) Compare” website to include more comprehensive information about disclosure of fees and penalties that would be applied to participants of their program.

“The measure helps educators make more financially sound decisions when determining their selection of retirement products,” said ACSA Legislative Advocate Sal Villasenor.

AB 996 has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security.

Other bills on ACSA’s radar include:

  1. AB 200, Holden, D-Pasadena, Mathematics Graduation Requirement. This bill would update the Algebra 1 high school graduation requirement and specify that completion of Mathematics 1, as well as Algebra 1 or courses of equivalent rigor before the 2017-18 school year, would satisfy the high school graduation requirement. ACSA position: Support.
  2. AB 631, Bonilla, D-Concord, Common Core and NGSS standards. This bill would provide an additional $900 million for professional development, instructional materials and technology. Sponsored by ACSA.
  3. AB 710, Brown, D-San Bernardino, Youth on probation: LCFF LCAP. This bill would include youth on probation to be able to receive supplemental/concentration funds as unduplicated pupils. It would require the LCAP to describe the annual goals to be achieved for youth on probation for each state priority, and require LEAs to use data from juvenile courts and add data collection to the CalPADS system. ACSA position: Disapprove.

Source:  Association of California School Administrators