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CST, CMA Results Should Be Available in Days, Not Months

Torlakson, Kirst Applaud Testing Changes

March 8, 2012

On Wednesday, the State Board of Education approved several changes to the state’s agreement with Educational Testing Service regarding the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program. The move was hailed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and State Board of Education President Michael Kirst.

Torlakson said, “In keeping with the Governor’s State of the State address, the steps we are taking today will significantly reduce the time it takes to provide test scores to districts and schools. Beginning with the next school year, we expect both the California Standards Tests and the California Modified Assessment results to be reported in a matter of days rather than months, making them both more timely and more useful to our schools. I commend President Kirst for his work with the Department of Education on this project.”

Kirst said, “Getting test results back quickly is a key priority of both the State Board and Governor Brown. This change will make our system more useful and responsive to teachers, parents, and students.”

Torlakson added, “I’m also pleased that we are moving forward with the transition to new assessments aligned to the new Common Core State Standards, including the creation of an advisory committee that will examine the wide range of tests now given to students. This work will allow me to prepare my recommendations to the Legislature later this year about how to achieve a shared, long-standing goal to reduce both the number of tests that are given and the time it takes to receive them — and most importantly, give students, parents, and teachers the best possible information about their progress.”

For more information on the reauthorization, please visit the State Board of Education agenda Item 4 at

Source:   California Department of Education