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NSBA Calls Trump Plan to Eliminate State/Local Tax Deduction “Assault on Local Governance in Education”

October 30, 2017

On October 26, National School Boards Association Executive Director & CEO Thomas J. Gentzel today released the following statement in response to congressional action related to President Trump’s proposed tax reform, which includes the elimination of the State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction:

"The elimination of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction is an assault on local governance in education. State and local tax revenues are essential to support school infrastructure, teachers, curriculum, transportation, and other resources that ensure children’s success in college and career, as well as long-term economic stability in our communities.

NSBA opposes any efforts to weaken our country’s public schools or that infringe on the ability to provide students with a high-quality education. For schools and communities to thrive, they require investments of resources and commitment, not reductions, which is precisely what will occur if the SALT deduction is eliminated.

As the tax reform debate continues, we urge Congress to support our students, their families and communities by maintaining the longstanding SALT deduction.”

Source:  National School Boards Association

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