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Things to do in December

  1. National Special Eduation Day is Decemeber 2nd.
  2. Computer Science Education Week is to be recognized from December 3rd to 9th.
  3. First Interim report must be submitted to the County Office of Education by December 15th. County office of education approves and submits interim report and certification.
  4. District prior year audit must be submitted to the County Office of Education by December 15th.
  5. COE prior year audit due to SSPI and State Controller, also on the Bill of Rights Day, December 15th.
  6. Charter School First Interim report due to chartering authority by December 15th.
  7. Charter school prior year audit due to chartering authority, COE, SSPI, and State Controller by December 15th.
  8. Annual Survey for children living in institutions for delinquent and neglected children must be submitted by December 8th [Utilized in the formula for computing Title 1 allocations].
  9. Finalize 2018-19 course offerings catalog for publishing Spring course registration and master schedule.
  10. Board Organizational Meeting:  Election of Board President, Vice President and Clerk; Resolution establishing day, time and place for regular board meetings; Resolution authorizing person(s) to sign warrants.
  11. CALPADS Fall 1 - certification deadline, December 15th; amendment window is from December 16, 2017 to January 26, 2018.
  12. CALPADS Fall 2 - certification window starts December 20th. (December 20, 2017 - February 23, 2018)
  13. SSPI approves county budget or works with county to develop and adopt an acceptable budget by December 31.
  14. Set your budget calendar.