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By Ross Brenneman - Rep: February 10, 2018

USC Poll: Majority of Voters Like California School Dashboard

A new poll shows that a majority of state voters support the California School Dashboard, a performance gauge that was created by the state last year to improve equity and transparency in school quality.

Launched in March 2017, the California School Dashboard is an online tool that shows how schools are performing according to the various indicators that comprise the state's education accountability system.

State education leaders hoped the dashboard would better inform parents as well as improve equity in schools. Some organizations panned the system when it debuted, with one calling it "more confusing than practical."

Yet a new USC Rossier/PACE poll, released on February 7, finds that a majority of voters who have heard of the system had a positive impression, and among parent voters, 72 percent said they had a positive impression of the dashboard. Majorities of all respondents also said they thought the dashboard captured the most important measures of school quality, that it was easy to understand and that it was an effective means to communicate outcomes.

"Innovation takes time, but our schools will keep facing the same inequities unless we're willing to take some risks, and California is taking some risks," said Karen Symms Gallagher, dean of the USC Rossier School of Education. "It's clear that parents are willing to give their support to a system designed to make school quality transparent and accessible, and it's important for state leaders to keep refining the dashboard if they want to build on that support."

The results come from the sixth annual edition of the USC Rossier/PACE poll, a partnership of the USC Rossier School of Education and Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), a university-affiliated, non-partisan research center.

Polling firms Tulchin Research and Moore Information conducted the survey of 2,500 registered California voters online from January 21-28. USC Rossier professors Julie Marsh and Morgan Polikoff, as well as Associate Professor David Quinn designed the questions with PACE executive director David N. Plank and the polling firms.

Source: USC Rossier School of Education

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