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Legislature Approves Teacher Housing Bill, Which Now Awaits Governor’s Signature

September 18, 2017

Assembly Bill 45, authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond), is headed for the Governor’s desk. The bill provides financial assistance to school districts seeking to develop rental housing for school employees. AB 45 was approved by the California Senate on September 13 on a 27-12 vote, and was approved by the California Assembly on September 14 on a 56-23 vote.

“Providing housing for school employees is a big need in our state,” said Thurmond.” “This bill will go a long way to help recruit and retain quality teachers in California. I am happy to see that the legislature has shown its commitment to addressing our teacher shortage.”

According to the Learning Policy Institute, 75% of California schools report a shortage of teachers. Teacher housing models have been used in school districts throughout the United States to address this shortage in rural areas in North Carolina and West Virginia, and in urban areas such as Cupertino and Los Angeles.

AB 45 provides a mechanism for school districts to offer affordable housing so that school employees can live in the communities that they work. When school employees are able to work in the communities where they live it leads to better outcomes for their students.

AB 45 is sponsored by the California Teachers Association, the California Federation of Teachers, and the State Building Trades Construction Council. It has also received support from the California School Employees Association, San Francisco Unified School District, and California School Employees Association.

Source:  Office of Assemblymember Tony Thurmond

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