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Gun Free School Zones Legislation Approved by State Assembly

On May 22, the California State Assembly today approved AB 424 by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D- Sacramento), which will update Cal. Gun Free School Zones law to make schools truly gun free. The measure was approved on a vote of 48-28.

While civilian possession of a gun on a school campus is prohibited, a school district can currently authorize an armed civilian with a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit to enter a school campus...

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Legislature Approves State Budget, Which Now Awaits Gov’s Signature

On June 15, California legislators approved the 2017-18 state budget, which now awaits Governor Brown’s signature.

The Sacramento Bee reported:
California lawmakers passed a spending plan for the coming fiscal year Thursday, meeting the state’s budget approval deadline with a $183.2 billion package that raises school funding, expands a tax credit for the working poor and gives the Capitol a greater say over University of California finance...

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U.S. Dept. of Education Launches New IDEA Website

On June 1, the U.S. Department of Education launched a new website dedicated to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos directed the Department to expedite the development of a new, updated and more robust site specific to the IDEA after the Department's Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 (Legacy) site experienced a prolonged outage in February due to technical issues...

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CDE Releases First California Schools Mobile Application

The California Department of Education’s first mobile application, offers detailed information about 10,000 California’s public schools, was released on June 5.

The CA Schools mobile app, developed in-house by the CDE and available for iOS and Android systems, lets users locate nearby schools based on their current location and provides a wealth of details, including contacts and directions, demographics, test scores, and a school’s California School Dashboard profile page...

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Teacher Professional Development Can Boost Student Achievement

A study released on June 5 demonstrates how teacher professional development programs significantly improve student achievement, challenging the logic behind the Trump Administration’s proposal to eliminate funding for those programs.

The new report, Effective Teacher Professional Development, reviewed 35 scientifically rigorous studies conducted over the past 30 years which showed significant gains in student achievement resulting from teacher development...

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Study Examines Broadband Access in PreK-12 Schools

In schools across the United States, IT departments are routinely tasked with supporting teachers as they move toward more technology-centric instructional environments. It may seem obvious that this can only be done with a foundation of robust broadband infrastructure. In practice, however, schools don’t always know the state of their infrastructure, or how to best improve it. The challenges that school administrators face when budgeting for and deploying technology vary widely...

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