State Grants

English Language Acquisition Program

$100 per English learner in Grades 4 – 8

To assist pupils in grades four through eight to learn English as efficiently and as quickly as possible, as well as progress academically to meet grade-level standards, promotion, and graduation requirements.

California State School Facilities Program

Per Eligible Pupil Grant Calculation

To support the facilities needs of California Public Schools. The Program includes the following opportunities:

  • New Construction Grants
  • Modernization Grants
  • Facility Hardship Grants
  • Financial Hardship (It’s a “status” that increases grants.)
  • Charter Schools Facilities Program
  • Critically Overcrowded School Facilities Program
  • Joint Use Program
  • Career Technical Education Facilities
  • Overcrowding Relief Grant

There are also a number of “enhancements” that an applicant district is guided through in the application process, i.e. geographic adjustment, special education, over 50 years old, multi-story, energy efficiency, automatic fire detection, and small project assistance to name a few.

California State Allocation Board Programs:

Amounts vary

Deferred Maintenance (Amount is .5% of District general Fund, Match Required)
Deferred Maintenance Extreme Hardship (Amount Based on Need, Match Required)

Quality Education Improvement Act of 2007:

Per Pupil Grant Based on Grade Level

To provide $500 per K-6 pupil, $900 per 7-8 pupil, and $1,000 per 9-12 pupil for low performing schools to improve test scores by reducing class size, improving access to educational materials, and increasing the secondary counselor to student ratio.

Emergency Repair Program

As of the June 25, 2008, SAB meeting there is $85.3 million left in this program. The OPSC workload list has $602.2 million in applications being processed. Many of these applications may be disallowed or reduced. It is essential that applications are filed as quickly as possible.

Career Technical Education Facilities Program (CTEFP)

The CDE will be accepting applications for the third cycle of funding for this program on prior to August 1, 2008. As of the June, 2008, SAB, $294.6 million remained in this program. Districts can receive up to $3 million for new facilities or equipment for programs located on a comprehensive high school site and up to $1.5 million for modernization. Application guidelines are available at the CDE web site at

If you have any questions or need assistance in regard to the funding opportunities listed above, please contact Total School Solutions at or call (707) 422-6393.