Federal Grants

Foreign Language Assistance Program

($100,000 - $300,000)

To establish, improve, or expand innovative foreign language programs for elementary and secondary school students.

Smaller Learning Communities Program grant

Varies. Usually tied to enrollment, but may range from $500,000 to $3 million.

To support the implementation of SLCs and activities to improve student academic achievement in large public high schools with enrollments of 1,000 or more students. SLCs include structures such as freshman academies, multi-grade academies organized around career interests or other themes, “houses” in which small groups of students remain together throughout high school, and autonomous schools-within-a-school, as well as personalization strategies, such as student advisories, family advocate systems, and mentoring programs.

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools

$50,000 - $500,000

To provide funds to LEAs to strengthen and improve their emergency response and crisis plans, at the district and school-building level. Grantees are required to address all four phases of crisis planning: prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Carol M. White Physical Education Program


To initiate, expand, and improve physical education programs for K–12 students in order to help them make progress toward meeting state standards for physical education.

Professional Development for Arts Educators


To support the implementation of high quality professional development model programs in elementary and secondary education for music, dance, drama, and visual arts educators

Model Development and Dissemination Grants Program


To support the enhancement, expansion, documentation, evaluation, and dissemination of innovative, cohesive models that demonstrate effectiveness in:

  • Integrating into and strengthening arts in the core elementary and middle school curricula;
  • Strengthening arts instruction in those grades; and
  • Improving students’ academic performance, including their skills in creating, performing, and responding to the arts

Early Reading First:

$1.5 - $4.5 million over 3 years

To provide early reading preparedness for 3 and 4 year olds

California Math and Science Partnership

To establish partnerships to improve the academic achievement of students in mathematics and science. The focus is to create opportunities for enhanced and ongoing professional development for mathematics teachers (grade three through Algebra 1) and science teachers (grades three through eight).

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