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CTA Supports Brown, Becerra as They Denounce Federal Lawsuit

March 9, 2018

California Teachers Association President Eric Heins issued a statement on March 7, supporting Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Xavier Becerra for standing up to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions who personally served the state with a lawsuit when he visited Sacramento on March 6.

Heins said “Like our country, California is a land of Dreamers. We are proud of our diversity and value the rich tapestry of cultures that comprise this golden state. Students in California's public schools speak more than 65 languages. Every one of them deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.

In the latest legal assault and lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department, we stand with Governor Brown, Attorney General Becerra, and the California legislature in defending state laws SB 54, AB 450, and AB 103. These laws were passed to protect all Californians, and to ensure fair treatment of immigrants.


 “We support safe-haven schools and sanctuary cities that reflect and embrace the diversity of our students and their families, as well as the rich language and cultural assets they bring to our communities. Social justice for all begins with a quality, free public education. The ICE raids on school campuses are damaging to our children and their families. All students should have the opportunity to learn without fear and distress.

 “California’s educators join the three million educators across the U.S. in standing up and supporting a path forward for these aspiring Dreamers and demand that Congress pass the Dream Act now.” 

Source: California Teachers Association

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