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CSBA Calls on Legislature to Fund Public Schools at the Average of the Top 10 States

January 15, 2018

As part of its ongoing work to ensure that all students benefit from the resources needed for a high-quality education, the California School Boards Association called on the Legislature on January 8 to raise school funding to the national average by 2020 and to the average of the top 10 states by 2025.

“There was an era when California’s public education system was the envy of the nation and our schools were as well-funded as any in the country, but for decades now, California schools have been asked to do more with less,” said California School Boards Association President Mike Walsh. “It’s time we reverse the trend of shortchanging public schools and provide full and fair funding for all students, so they have the resources needed for success in college, career and civic life.”

“Our members are charged with providing a 21st-century education that prepares a diverse student population for an increasingly competitive, global and technological society. Yet, the funding from the state is inadequate for this task and just a fraction of that offered by some peer states,” explained CSBA CEO & Executive Director Vernon M. Billy. “California can’t expect to maintain its leadership position when it’s failing to invest in its future and languishing near the bottom nationally in school funding. Now is the time to reclaim California’s place as a beacon of opportunity and commit to full and fair funding for all public school students.”

Source:  California School Boards Association

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