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Torlakson Sends Letter Denouncing Racism, Encouraging Schools to Celebrate Diversity

September 5, 2017

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson sent a letter on August 24 to California school leaders denouncing racism and encouraging schools to celebrate diversity as the new school year begins.

The letter went to county and school district superintendents and charter school administrators at more than 1,025 school districts statewide – the nation’s largest public school system.

“I want to let all California educators, students and their families know that I reject the hatred, racism, and violence so sadly displayed earlier this month in Charlottesville,” Torlakson said.

“Hateful rhetoric and disgusting, failed ideologies should stay buried in the dustbins of history. We need to join together as Americans and denounce all who preach hate instead of the love, acceptance, and understanding that should define our 21st century.

“We must remind California’s school community and our nation that our great state respects, celebrates, and embraces our incredibly diverse population. We denounce religious intolerance, racism, and any and all forms of discrimination.”

Torlakson’s letter encouraged educators to review a recent “Moving Forward from Charlottesville” blog posting from the Learning Policy Institute that includes educational resources for students and teachers.

Source:  California Department of Education

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