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Governor Brown to Oppose $9 Billion School Facilities Bond on November Ballot

February 22, 2016

Governor Jerry Brown – who in recent months has avoided taking a position on a $9 billion school facilities bond measure that will be on the November 2016 ballot – declared on February 12 that he will oppose the measure.

In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, Brown said:

“I am against the developers’ $9 million bond. It’s a blunderbuss effort that promotes sprawl and squanders money that would be far better spent in low-income communities.”

In recent weeks, there had been behind-the-scenes talks between the Governor and Democratic legislative leaders, in an effort to win the Governor’s support for a bill that might have scheduled a different school facilities bond measure – more to the Governor’s liking – for the ballot in the near future.

But last week, spokesmen for the Democratic legislative leaders indicated that they could not put together a mutually acceptable alternative measure in time to meet the state’s election deadlines.

In recent weeks, supporters of the $9 million school facilities bond have announced the support of the California Chamber of Commerce, the State Building and Construction Trades Council, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, and a number of California legislators (from both major parties).

But the Governor’s opposition could spell trouble for the ballot measure, despite what appeared to be growing bipartisan support. Brown generally gets high marks from voters in public opinion polls for his thrifty approach to state finance.

Sources:  EdBrief staff, Los Angeles Times.

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