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Revisions in Recognition Program Aim to Narrow Gap

November 21, 2008

In State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell's efforts to narrow the achievement gap in California’s schools, he announced the revisions made to the California School Recognition Program (CSRP).  Under the 2009 CSRP, in order to become a California Distinguished School, schools must meet a variety of eligibility criteria including designated federal and state accountability measures based on No Child Left Behind, Adequate Yearly Progress, and the Academic Performance Index.

"By fulfilling this criteria schools closing their gap will have truly earned the right to be called distinguished," O'Connell said.

The application itself has also been revised and streamlined. Many schools historically have chosen not to apply due to the time-consuming and arduous process of completing applications to qualify.  Now, instead of completing a long application narrative, schools will submit a description of two of their successful signature practices. The California Department of Education (CDE), in conjunction with the CSRP Advisory Committee, has developed new guidelines and a new template for this revised process. The signature practice submission will be reviewed by a team of educators to verify the submission meets all guidelines and is complete.

Schools submitting a successful application will receive a site visit by a team of educators to validate the implementation of the school's signature practices. The team will make the final recommendation to the CDE.  Schools receiving the Distinguished School Award will have their signature practices posted on the CDE Web site and serve as a resource to other schools.

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