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Reducing Paperwork from the Funding Master Plan

October 24, 2008

California school districts need to make an annual effort to keep their records “up-to-date” with the California Department of Education.

Under the revised Funding Master Plan (FMP), applicants only have to submit certain information once a year, and that information will be kept on file for use in other applications.

This revision should help save personnel hours, avoid duplicative paperwork, increase efficiency in administering taxpayer dollars, and conserve natural resources.

The goal of the revised FMP is to create more transparency to the California Department of Education’s (CDE) system of disbursing money for grants and programs.  The specific goals are to make all funding information fully available for CDE clients, create web-based applications and allocation processes to improve administrative efficiency and public access, eliminate redundant or unauthorized data sources, collections, and reports, and establish consistent procedures for managing funding programs.

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