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New Coalition of California Health Advocacy Groups Call for Statewide Soda Tax

Health advocacy groups launched a new campaign on July 17 to pass a statewide 2-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks, setting up a potential standoff with the beverage industry after it successfully fought five bills this year that sought to curtail soda consumption...

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K-12 Education and the New State Budget

The recently enacted 2019-20 budget allocates 28% of the total state budget for all K-12 education programs: $103.4 billion ($58.8 billion from the General Fund). Proposition 98, passed by the voters in 1988, establishes a minimum annual funding level for K-12 schools and community colleges...

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Proposed Ethnic Studies Curriculum Would be a First in U.S. – CA Seeking Feedback

The California Dept. of Education has posted a draft of its proposed ethnic studies curriculum – the first state-level curriculum on the academic subject in the country – and is asking for public feedback.

Until Aug. 15, public can view the curriculum on the department website..

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Without Well-Prepared Teachers, Nothing Else in Education Can Work”

Linda Darling-Hammond, professor emerita at Stanford Graduate School of Education, has spent decades studying teacher education programs and practices and is widely considered one of the most important voices in the field. She founded the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education and led Obama’s education policy transition team in 2008...

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Almost One-Third of New Teachers Take on Second Jobs in Summer

One of the most persistent and annoying myths about educators is that they have “summers off.” Far from enjoying a really long vacation, they use a good chunk of that time writing curriculum, attending workshops, catching up on professional reading, etc.

And many of them work summer jobs to make ends meet...

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500,000 Kids Lose Free School Lunch with Trump Administration Proposal

More than 500,000 kids could lose their eligibility for free school meals thanks to a Trump administration proposal to cut access to food stamps made in late July.

Under the proposal, the Dept. of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program would no longer provide benefits to as many as 3.1 million recipients...

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