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Newsom Signs Long-Discussed Charter School Transparency Legislation

Alongside representatives from the California Charter Schools Association, California Teachers Association, California School Employees Association, California Federation of Teachers, California School Boards Association, Association of California School Administrators and SEIU California, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 126 on March 5 -- historic legislation requiring all schools that receive taxpayer funding to follow the same standards for accountability and transparency...

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Betsy DeVos’ School Voucher Plan Illustrates How Out of Touch She is with Public Education

On February 28, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos joined Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Bradley Byrne in unveiling a new plan to expand vouchers. Congress soundly rejected a similar proposal during the 2017 tax debate.

National Education Association (NEA) President Lily Eskelsen García said...

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Low-Income Students Encounter a Special Education Mismatch

Low-income students are disproportionately assigned to special education, according to a new report from the Century Foundation by researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, and SRI International. 

Experts and educators have long documented how students of color are disproportionately sent to special education to their detriment, isolated in classrooms with teachers who have less expertise in important subject-matter material like math, English, and science...

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Despite Federal Retreat From Supporting School Diversity, Some Districts Forge Ahead With School Designs for Integration

Public schools are increasingly segregated along both racial and socioeconomic lines, with 8.4 million Black and Latino/a children currently attending schools that are extremely segregated and high-poverty. Many of the most extremely segregated schools are also the most under-resourced, plagued by inexperienced educators, lack of access to quality curriculum, and lack of quality facilities or access to technology...

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Cleaning Up Wildfire Ash Safely
CDPH Recommends Ways to Avoid Potential Health Hazards

On November 15, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director and State Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith today advised residents of recent burn areas to use caution in cleaning up ash from wildfires. The ash from trees burned in forest fires is relatively nontoxic and similar to ash that might be found in your fireplace. However, ash from burned buildings, vehicles, and similar items may contain many toxic substances, including arsenic, asbestos, lead, and fine particles that can aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems...

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ACSA Launches Fatal School Violence Toolkit, with Checklist of Things To Do Before, During and After an Incident

The first priority of educators nationwide is to provide a healthy and safe school environment for all students and staff. ACSA has taken a proactive role in school safety with the creation of the Fatal School Violence Toolkit.

“We believe there is a need to have serious discussions about school safety,” said ACSA President Holly Edds. “With regard to school violence and threats, we are facing new challenges every day, and we’ve built this toolkit to include resources designed to save lives.”...

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