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New Survey of Secondary Teachers Reveals Many Feel Unprepared to Teach their EL Students, and Lack Resources

April 7, 2018

In their recently released study, published on April 3, researchers Lucrecia Santibañez of Claremont Graduate University and Patricia Gándara of the UCLA Civil Rights Project, analyze data from a survey distributed among secondary teachers in a large urban school district  in order to examine how well prepared the teachers feel to teach English Learners. According to the report’s abstract:

“Across the nation, nearly all teachers can expect to have English Learner students in their classrooms. The challenges of teaching English Learners are particularly acute in the nation’s secondary schools. There is evidence suggesting that the preparation to teachers ELs is generally weak for all school levels, but more so for secondary school teachers. Without special preparation, even good teachers may find it difficult to meet the needs of ELs, and many secondary EL teachers note that the preparation and support they most want and need is the least available to them. This study also points out that the resources to assist these teachers may be in greater supply than is apparent.”

To read the full report, go here.

Source: UCLA Civil Rights Project

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