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Track California’s Personal Income Tax Receipts through April

April 19, 2019

On April 14, State Controller Betty T. Yee launched her annual online tracker for personal income tax receipts through April. This month is a crucial phase for the state budget as Californians file hundreds of thousands of tax returns, the May budget revision is imminent, and the new fiscal year starts July 1.

Last fiscal year, personal income taxes accounted for 69.1 percent of all state General Fund revenues. A significant share of personal income taxes (15.2 percent) arrived during the month of April.

The running tally is accompanied by a chart showing how the total compares to the $15.0 billion estimate of April personal income tax receipts in the governor’s 2019-20 budget proposal. The total consists of personal income taxes minus refunds. 

As of April 16, personal income tax receipts for fiscal 2018-19 were running at $71,093,697,000 – slightly ahead of the 2017-18 total of $66,098,087,000 for fiscal 2017-18 on the same date last year.

Sources: California Controller’s Office

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