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California State PTA Announces Support for Immunization Bill

March 26, 2015

California State PTA, the state’s largest children’s advocacy organization, has taken a support position on Senate Bill 277 (Pan).

Currently, children entering the school system or child care are required to be immunized against various communicable diseases unless they medically cannot receive immunizations, or unless immunization is contrary to personal beliefs. SB 277 would eliminate the personal belief exemption and have all medically eligible children be immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases thus protecting vulnerable children.

California State PTA President Colleen A. R. You issued the following statement:

“PTA, both nationally and in California, has been a strong supporter of vaccinations for many decades. At past state conventions, our members approved two important resolutions – Immunization Awareness and Education Programs and Measles (Rubeola*), Mumps and Rubella Vaccinations – that are the basis for our authority to support SB 277.

“We are grateful to Senators Pan and Allen for their leadership on this vital health issue. It is our duty as a community to protect children in school, especially medically vulnerable children – and SB 277 will do that.

“We understand this may be a sensitive issue for some who wish to retain the personal-belief vaccine exemption, and we considered that important perspective. However, we believe the vaccines in use today are extremely safe and effective for the general population. Immunizations are recognized as one of the most beneficial and effective public-health measures.”

Source:  California State PTA