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Proposal for School Panic Alarms Clears Assembly Education Committee

April 11, 2013

Assemblymember Kristin Olsen’s (R-Modesto) Assembly Bill 1076 – which would equip schools with “panic buttons” linked to local law enforcement – passed through the Assembly Education Committee on April 3.

“I am pleased that the Education Committee recognized the value panic alarms can provide to enhance school safety,” said Olsen. “This is low hanging fruit in providing solutions that improve school safety for students, teachers, staff and administrators.”

Upon availability of federal funds, AB 1076 will equip schools with panic buttons that give law enforcement an opportunity to respond immediately in the event of a campus emergency. Panic buttons are an additional level of defense in making the school community aware of an emergency situation. When a panic button is pressed, a direct link would dispatch law enforcement and alarms would sound, alerting others on the school campus of an emergency – all in one quick step. 

According to William DeLong, Division Director for Homeland Security: “Panic buttons, in an emergency, help school personnel save time. Instead of dialing 911 or radioing for help, staff can immediately send a distress signal to first responders. If you have an active shooter, intruder or domestic situation, a panic button can summon law enforcement when calling the police isn’t practical.”

AB 1076 will now move to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Source:  Office of Assemblymember Kristen Olsen