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Parcel Tax, Bond Measures Do Well in Several Districts

November 10, 2011

California voters approved most – but not all – of the school parcel tax measures and school bond measures that were on local ballots on Tuesday in various areas of the state.

Four parcel tax measures – which require a two-thirds majority for approval – got the “thumbs up” from voters in four school districts, including:

—Burlingame Elementary (San Mateo County), Measure E, $76/year for four years, 67.4 percent “yes” vote.

—Pacifica School District (San Mateo County), Measure L, $118/year for ten years, 68.8 percent “yes” vote.

—Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified (Los Angeles County), Measure M, $374/year for an indefinite basis, 68.53 percent “yes” vote.

—Tamalpais Union School District (Marin County), Measure B, $238.78 for ten years, 72.38 percent “yes” vote.

Two other parcel tax measures got solid majorities, but came up short of the two-thirds majority needed for approval:

—Las Virgenes Unified (Ventura County), Measure K, $95/year for eight years, 59.02 percent “yes” vote.

—Pacific Grove Unified (Monterey County), Measure V, $60/year for four years, 61.44 percent “yes” vote.

The Las Virgenes and Pacific Grove parcel tax measures would both have passed if the threshold for approval of a local parcel tax was set at 55 percent.

There were also seven school bond measures on Tuesday’s ballot, requiring a 55 percent majority for approval. School bond measures were approved in Bradley (Monterey County), Larkspur (Marin County), Millbrae (San Mateo County), Newark (Alameda County), Newhall (Los Angeles County), and San Francisco Unified (San Francisco County). The school bond proposed in the San Bruno Park school district (San Mateo County) failed, with a 50.9 percent “yes” vote (several percentage points short of the 55 percent threshold).

In an education-related election on Tuesday, San Mateo County voters did not approve a bond proposed by the San Mateo County Community College District; the proposed bond received a 52.7 percent “yes” vote – 2.3 percentage points below the 55 percent threshold.

All of the school parcel tax and school bond measures that went before California voters on Tuesday were in coastal counties, and most were in school districts serving comparatively affluent communities.

Source:  EdBrief staff research.